About us

Apace International Electronics LLC (API) has been a driving force in the ever evolving domains of ELV (Extra Low Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) systems. API constantly reinvents itself to bring forward- thinking solutions and services for our clients, all under one roof. Our penchant for delivering service excellence and state of the art products sets us apart as we bring to the fore breath-taking and innovative bespoke solutions.

Our design and implementation of ELV solutions include Fire and Safety (FSS), Security & Surveillance, Audio & Visual, Communication & Network and Information Technology. Right from the inception of the project, our dedicated team at API works in tandem with the clients to understand requirements and charts out the best way forward in terms of Design, System Configuration, Integration process and maintenance services.

We pride ourselves in providing robust LV solutions and services that include the entire gamut of low-voltage switchgear services, power busbar systems, lighting systems, retrofit solutions etc. We are with our clients right thru the entire life cycle of the project and provide AMCs to ensure smooth running post integration.

Our professional teams at API ensure perfect execution both in terms of time and quality by creating feature rich solutions. We have been catering to a wide spectrum of clients from different sectors including Businesses, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Government, Corporate etc. among others.

Our Mission

To provide a unique experience to our clients that guarantees satisfaction by ensuring the supply of credible and best quality services and products and to ensure exceptional growth for our employees and partners.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a Distinguished business house operating to bring customer-centric, comprehensive and superior quality solutions in a bid to accelerate and incorporate technology to build robust and integrated ELV & LV systems.

Our Team

The ‘API’ team comprises highly qualified and extensively experienced personnel who are recruited and trained. Our young professionals have a strong technical and commercial background. The organization has a flat structure with minimum hierarchy. Our professional teams work conjointly in an effort to render the best services one could avail worldwide.


Apace International Electronics LLC, headquartered in Abu Dhabi UAE was formed in early 2005 as trading of Mobile phone accessories. Later during 2007 onwards started installation services of AV Products as sub-contractor for several major companies in UAE. Since 2012 the company started inhouse design, supply, install and support integrated extra low voltage solution and has established Low Voltage Division for Switchgear maintenance and related services. Today Apace International is authorized partners and/or distributor of some of the most reputed brands under technology domain.

Extra Low Voltage System

Modern infrastructure development requires hiring of the best architects and designers to create perfect buildings, however in the absence of intelligent and unified ELV systems and solutions the work is only half done.

ELVsystems covers all the myriad and modern technologies that have gradually permeated into the domain of construction business and have almost become an inseparable part of every modern building. These include, but are not limited to, Audio/Visual solutions, Security and Surveillance systems, Voice Evacuation systems, CCTV, Public Address systems, Access Control and Home automation, Communication & Technology, Information Technology, and more!

API with its vast experience comes armed with a team that works to design a holistic ELV system based on individual requirements. It goes a step further by ensuring procurement of the best of products from the lineup of best in class vendors. Our designers understand that technology is ever changing and hence design to incorporate current and future scalability ensuring that the selected solutions can seamlessly blend into a single, unified whole.

Audio & Visuals

The AV industry has become the most powerful medium of communication and is here to stay. We at API continuously strive to integrate and garner the most powerful AV resources to ensure a smarter working environment for our clients.

  • AV Integrated System
  • PA/VA/BGM System
  • Congress and Conference System
  • Digital Signage System
  • LED/LCD Video Wall System
Security & Surveillance

Having a Security & Surveillance system in place not just ensures protection against threat and vandalism but also acts as a deterrent for miscreants and ensures efficiency and productivity. API ensures integrating superior quality products and solutions including Biometric Security, Access Control, CCTV etc. to cater to this vital requirement.

  • Access Control System
  • Building Intercom System
  • Gate Barrier System
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Parking Management System
  • Security Camera System
Communication & Networks

With globalization Communication and Networks have become the very backbone for the survival and growth of every Business. API consultants empower the business by understanding the workflow of the organization, identifying the requirements and providing bespoke and robust networking architecture and communication channels.

  • Master Clock System
  • Nurse Calling System
  • IP/Analog Telephony System
  • Queue Management System
  • Video Conferencing System
  • Structured Cabling
Information & Technologies

Our API professionals based on their research and study of the client’s facility supply state of the art equipment’s sourced from the best vendor tie-ups. We are your one stop source for servers, storage and networking hardware devices, PCs, Laptops, Ethernet switches etc. that are needed for your set up.

  • Active Networking Components
  • Servers and Storage
  • Softwares & Applications
  • Wireless Systems

Low Voltage System

Change has always been inevitable but the pace at which things have changed in the past few decades has been incomparable. Like everything else modern buildings and related infrastructures have made huge strides in terms of technology. The success and safety of an infrastructure is as good as the electrical system that supports it.

API provides the whole range of Low Voltage solutions that are both reliable and efficient across all industrial platforms including the residential domains. Right from design consultations to managing end to end low voltage installations. Our experienced team of professionals has you covered.

We ensure quality and a competitive product range. Our Solutioning ensures connectivity, protection and control measures for a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electromechanical devices etc all aimed at delivering optimal results. We have a proclivity for on-time delivery, on budget, and cost-effective Low Voltage solutions. 

Conforming to the International quality standards API provides Power Busbar and LED Bus Systems that can be integrated into many different areas including shoppingmalls, Hotels, Factories, Schools, Business Centers, Manufacturing units, power substations, lighting and transmission distribution systems.

Power Busbar

Busbar systems have successfully replaced the endless lines of wiring systems especially considering the modern architecture with tall buildings with endless floors. Simply put these are pre-fabricated systems that are equipped to carry electric power without the electrical cables via windows designed for branching out the power. The aluminum casing of Busbars is rust and corrosion proof to ensure longevity and all the insulated equipment is made from fire retardant materials.


The inception of LED (Light Emitting Diode) has seen a sea of change in the way lighting is done today. Being both cost effective and energy efficient more and more infrastructures are incorporating LEDs to illuminate their world. API provides LED Bus Systems that have compact structure, with no unsightly wirings and can be set up without using any output plug or lead wire.

Cable Tray

API offers a wide assortment of Cable Tray Wiring Systems that can be chosen based on the cable density. These trays allow the easy layout of cables that need to be run from one point to the other without the risk of being tangled thereby allowing easy maintenance. These are a more reliable, adaptable, low cost and low maintenance alternative to conduit pipes and other wiring systems.

Car Charging

In keeping with the interest emerging in the electric car segment API brings you intelligent Car Charging Systems that are easy to install and use. Whether you are looking to have a charging point installed for private use in your villa or are looking to provide this facility in your apartment building’s parking lot or for that matter in a public or commercial set up, we have solutions that best suit your need. These are equipped to charge for varying periods of time or requirement depending on the capacity and need of the individual car.


Need a smart home that makes life convenient, that senses your mood and can transform itself to your needs or a commercial set up that can adapt itself to save power consumption based on the time of the day … API has you covered. Our efficient lighting control systems benefit owners and occupants alike. Not only are this energy efficient and switch off automatically when not required these can be adapted to meet individual needs from dimming lights, to changing colors, to beaming etc.

Tools & Measuring Equipment

API brings you high quality and budget friendly assortment of tools and equipment that can be used by your electrical management and maintenance teams. With safety as the highest priority while dealing with electrical layouts and maintenance our tie-ups with the best in class manufacturers ensure only the best of equipment’s reach your hands. These include Circuit Testers, Screwdrivers, Electric Drills, Wire Strippers, Nut drivers, Pliers, Digital height gauge, voltage testers, hammers, voltmeters etc.

Extra Low Voltage Service

API brings the full array of ELV solutions backed by state of art, innovative and bespoke solutions based on the client requirement. We ensure future scope of development and scalability to meet the changing industrial requirements. Our ELV services include consulting and customized designing, project management and integration counseling. We help configure systems and program them to best meet your needs. The system is closely scrutinized and tested before being commissioned and post implementation our maintenance and service teams ensure everything stays in order.

Consulting & Design

Our Consulting and Design team comprising of experts, studies client requirements and chalks out customized design solutions. These not only include network architecture, security solutions, IT and hardware solutions and automation processes but also lays out plans for product procurement.

Integration & Project Management

Whether we are handling a turnkey project or a standalone one. Our Project Management skills are the key ingredient for the successful execution and integration of a Project. Right from laying out the project execution schedule, to resource planning, budgeting, documentation, monitoring and control till the handing- over we manage everything. Integrating products and various technologies from different manufacturers and vendors, to provide a holistic solution to the client is our forte.

System Configuration & Programming

Having secure, flexible and responsive IT infrastructure is at the crux of successful deployment of ELV systems. Our specialized technical team ensures competitive system configurations and relevant programming to ensure fast and optimized performance.

Testing & Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning are two of the most critical phases and are handled with utmost care. Electrical systems that maintain almost all of a building’s operations including lighting, security, safety, monitoring etc need to be made fail safe to prevent any catastrophic events. API teams ensure that every system is individually tested and pushed to the limits to check endurance before the building is commissioned.

Maintenance & Service

Our responsibility does not end at handing over the project to our clients. Our commitment to ensure smooth running goes beyond as we continue our support by providing our skillful resources at client disposal. Whether it is onsite support services or preventive maintenance service or for that matter upgrades and manufacturer warranty API provides integrated support services for the client.

Low Voltage Service

API is a team of highly skilled professionals who are armed with the technical know –how to undertake LV projects of all sizes. Building LV solutions from ground zero right down to the minutest detailing, we are involved every step of the way. Right from inception to culmination and post installation we ensure ongoing support to our clients by means of maintenance and services to ensure that these systems are operating at optimal capacity at all times.

Retrofit Works

Incorporating new technological advancements into the old systems not only ensures an opportunity to upgrade the energy efficiency of an infrastructure but also ensures lesser chances of mishaps from happening. The improvement in quality, reduced maintenance, reliability and improved performance are the added bonus. API specializes in Retrofitting:

  • Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)
  • Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD)
  • Switchgears
Field Services

For turnkey projects API takes up subcontracts wherein our experienced teams install the electrical panels provided by the main contractors. We also facilitate onsite cabling and termination works supplied by the clients or the chief contractors. Besides taking up Discrimination Studies to ensure optimal panel performance vis- a- vis the components and electrical load requirement, API also provides programming services for control systems like PLC & HMI. In a nutshell our field services include:

  • Low Voltage (LV) Cabling & Termination
  • Discrimination Studies
  • PLC & HMI Programming
  • Low Voltage (LV) Panel Installation & Commissioing
Preventive Maintenance for LV Switchgear

We at API believe that it is vitally important to reduce instances of failure and deterioration of LV systems which can both be catastrophic in terms of financial losses as well as human injuries. This is precisely why we believe in the systems of having preventive checks and measures in place. We ensure scheduling and recommending periodic and predefined maintenance protocols for the following LV switchgear systems:

  • Auto Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Electrical Thermal imaging
  • UPS Maintenance
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Maintenance
Annual Maintenance Contracts for LV Switchgear

API provides AMCs to its clients which are modeled to prevent failures and maintain LV systems by observing, repairing and replacing the affected machinery, parts and equipment in a bid to prevent loss to life and property which can cause disruptions to both business and finances. We believe that providing a comprehensive and integrated maintenance program as a whole instead of maintaining separate parts is the key to making it fail-safe. API provides AMCs for:

  • Electrical Panel
  • Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD)


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