Man has always had an affinity towards entertainment gadgets like the television ever since its invention. Television sets play a major role in every person that a home is never complete without one. You may notice that children turn on the television right after waking up and grown up rely on the television to put them to bed. The invention of cable has further revolutionized the contribution of television in our daily lives. Satellite TV has opened us up to the world of nonstop quality shows regardless of the time of the day.


Due to its digital format, satellite TV offers a crystal clear quality for both audio and video functions. This gives an added advantage over cable TV which uses analog format and hence the clarity is dull and could be graded as outdated one. Satellite TV also provides its customers with multi-channel viewing, which means one can watch different channels on the single screen at the same time. There is no upgrade fee for HDTV equipment but cable TV charges for the updating.
Satellite TV provides best picture clarity and Dolby digital sound quality; this is the reason why it has been graded one step ahead than the cable TV. Satellite TV channels are transmitted over a greater broad bandwidth whereas cable TV channels are cramped into a narrow bandwidth. This makes the images overlapped and leads to distorted signals. Hence we get a poor quality of picture and sound effects


It's a platform, entirely based on interactive TV software and videoconference that operates on IP APIworks. This means that the user of the IP TV platform can, simultaneously and in real time, access and manage information.

  • Completion of real time surveys with results in the form of graphics and data
  • Group visualization of applications ( with transmission of the speaker's image)
  • Ability to transmit pre-recorded videos through equipments such as DVDs, VHS players, camcorders...
  • creation of play lists from pre-coded videos

By adopting the IP TV solution, the user can take advantage of one or more exclusive channels to transmit any programming to the locations of his choice . The number of locations / computers that can have access this programming is limitless.